• Second Home Insurance
  • Second Home Insurance

    Bluedrop’s second home insurance covers when your second home is left empty for long periods of time or let out to family, friends or tenants.

    Second homes are rarely fully occupied and are sometimes rented out so the risks of theft, burst pipes and water leaks, or damage from tenants are more likely.

    Storm damage to your property could also become worse if you are not there to fix any problems as they occur, which is why second home insurance is important.

    If you are planning to let your second home then you will need to ensure that you are covered for public liability.

    Suppose your tenant slips in the shower, or on a wet floor or are injured from a broken fence panel. Legal action could be taken against you personally and second home insurance will take this into account.

    Perhaps your second home insurance will need to cover you for loss of income should your property suffer damage and be un-inhabitable for a period? We can cater for any of your individual requirements.

    Should you be lucky enough to have an additional home either in the city or close the seaside or country, you can be assured Bluedrop’s second home insurance policy will have you covered.

    • Our second home insurance includes...

    • Features and benefits:

      • Any location covered, even riverside and seaside homes
      • Cover if your property is left empty for more than 30 days at a time
      • Includes any letting periods
      • Discounts for alarms and security locks
      • Optional public liability cover
      • Up to £2m property owners liability
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