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  • Non standard construction Insurance

    Bluedrop’s non standard construction insurance is required for properties that are not mainstream and constructed from different materials, or employ alternative architecture. Non standard construction insurance in most cases will mean that your property is not made of the standard bricks and mortar, or your roof is constructed from materials other than tiles or slates.

    Specialist insurance is required in such circumstances as materials and constructions will react differently in situations such as fire, flood, temperature, storms, etc. It is important therefore to understand the risks and effects of such properties as well as overall rebuild cost to ensure you are fully covered should the worst happen.

    • Our non standard construction insurance includes...

    • Features and benefits:

      • The cost of alternative accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable
      • Cover for damage caused by emergency access up to £1000
      • Accidental damage extends to cover: Domestic oil pipes, Underground water supply pipes, Underground sewers, drains and septic tanks, Underground gas pipes and Underground cables
      • Automatically covered for increased metered water charges following an escape of water claim, up to a value of £750
      • Up to £5m buildings cover including loss or damage to structure of the property
    • Our non standard insurance covers the following types of construction:

      • Exterior walls made from timber, fibreglass , plastic, flint , corrugated iron, metal, glass, cob, or wattle and daub
      • Thatch, shingle, timber, plastic, glass, stramit or metal roofing
      • Flat roofs
      • Eco homes

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