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    We compare Fleet Insurance providers to find the best policy.

    As specialist Fleet Insurance Brokers with access to a panel of the largest motor fleet insurance providers we find you the very best policy at the best price. Saving you both time and money.

    Our policies cover:

    • Our standard fleet insurance includes...

    • Benefits:

      • Tailored fleet cover
      • Expert Broker Support
      • Access to Top Panel of Insurers
      • Wide range of protection covers
      • Single policy, one renewal date
      • Fast & Efficient Policy Issuing
      • Add/remove vehicles any time
      • Finance Available Subject to Status
      • Fleet Management Advice
      • Saved Time & Money

    • Features:

      • From 3 to 500+ Vehicles
      • Cars, vans, HGVs, mixed fleets
      • Also cover haulage, private hire, courier
      • Any Driver Options (21+, 25+, 30+)
      • Breakdown Cover
      • Legal Expenses
      • Goods In Transit
      • Excess Insurance
      • Flexible Payment Terms
      • Low Excess
      • 24hr Claims Service

      Additional cover options by request.

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        • Fleet Insurance Explained

          Motor Fleet insurance is a business insurance aimed at companies with three or more vehicles. It makes it possible to insure multiple vehicles - from cars, minibuses, trucks, HGVS and taxis - on a single insurance policy.

          With the best policy in place to suit your individual circumstances, we aim to keep your business moving if any of your vehicles are involved in accident or loss.

          Fleet Insurance

          We compare fleet insurance quotes for you

          As a specialist insurance broker in the UK, we have access to a panel of the largest insurance providers so we can compare quotes for you to get you the best deal on the market.

          We conduct policy comparisons on your behalf, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal.
          Rather than having to reiterate the same details multiple times to multiple insurers, obtaining insurance through Bluedrop means you'll only ever answer these questions once.

          What does fleet insurance cover?

          We provide commercial fleet insurance for a wide range of cars, vans, or other vehicles your business owns, under one combined policy for small to large fleets. If your fleet operates just one type of vehicle, you can simply specify insurance for that particular vehicle type, for instance: fleet van insurance.

          We also offer any driver fleet insurance which enables your drivers to switch interchangeably between vehicles.

          Your policy can cover elements such as damage, breakdown, replacement costs or personal belongings as well as support legal and medical expenses.

          How much does fleet insurance cost?

          The cost depends on a combination of factors such as the level of cover you need, the age of your drivers, and the condition of your vehicles.

          To calculate your premiums an insurer will ask for some basic information about your fleet, including:

          • How many vehicles are you looking to insure?
          • What are the types of vehicles?
          • What is the nature of your business?
          • How old are your drivers?
          • Which geographical locations do you cover?
          • Do you carry members of the public?
          • Do you carry cargo?
          • Have you made any vehicle insurance claims in the past?
          • What is the age and condition of your vehicles?

          This criteria helps the insurer to determine the level of risk involved, which is a key factor in calculating your premiums.

          How flexible you'd like the policy to be will also have a bearing on price.

          While it can make commercial sense to insure all your drivers on all vehicles this can impact the policy price you pay.

          Likewise, the age and driving experience of your drivers will also be taken into consideration when working out the cost of your annual premium.

          For this reason many insurers offer insurance on an 'Any Driver Over the age of 21' or 'Any Driver Over the Age of 25' basis.

          Fleet Insurance

          Tips on reducing your risk

          As experts in the field we offer advice on best practice and implementing a risk management strategy for your business' fleet.

          Here are a few measures that you can take to reduce risk and therefore the cost of insurance claims to your business.

          • Onboard cameras
          • Proximity sensors
          • Telematics
          • Defensive driver training
          • Speed limiting devices and vehicles
          • Restricting vehicles to one or two drivers
          • Driver background checks

          However, it is also worth mentioning that a company's recruitment process and driver turnover can be just as important to your insurance provider as implementing technology to measure performance.

          Employers need to think long and hard about the type of driver that they want to attract and how they are going to attract them to their business.

          Good hiring decisions and background checks will mean that you are more likely to have the best drivers operating your vehicles and representing your business.

          Goods in transit cover

          Goods in transit cover is an additional cover that is recommended to anyone carrying goods on the behalf of someone else and will insure against loss or damage of those goods.

          With goods in transit cover it is likley that your insurer will want to know about overnight parking locations. They may stipulate not leaving the vehicle un-attended or using safe parking bays.

          Loading and unloading of goods are also likely to be included in the policy, and driver's personal effects may need to be added on if required.

          Our biggest tip on goods in transit insurance is to be fully aware of where your liability ends and the customers liability begins. In many cases you can find yourself uninsured should you promise more to the customer than is recorded in your insurance documents.

          Ready to see how much we could save you?

          Let us compare fleet policies and prices for you.

          At Bluedrop we have access to quotes from a top panel of insurers, allowing us to compare prices and get you a competitive policy that covers all of your needs.

          To find out how much you could save by switching your individual vehicle insurance to a fleet policy, give our brokers a call or get a quick quote online in minutes.

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          What is fleet insurance?

          Fleet insurance is a businesses insurance aimed at companies with two or more vehicles. It makes it possible to insure multiple vehicles - from cars, minibuses, trucks, HGVS and taxis - on a single insurance policy.

          How many cars do you need for fleet insurance?

          To be able to apply for fleet motor insurance you need at least a fleet of three vehicles or over. However, this does vary depending on the provider. The maximum is usually up to 500 vehicles, but there are policies available to cover several thousand vehicles, suitable for large enterprises.

          What if one of the drivers has a conviction?

          If any of your drivers has a previous driving conviction, you must refer them to your insurance provider before allowing them to drive. This includes conviction codes such as AC, BA, DD, DR, IN, MS, NE, TT, UT and XX. We advise that all fleet drivers have their driving licences thoroughly checked at least once a year.

          How much does fleet insurance cost?

          The cost of motor fleet insurance is dependent on premiums, the types of vehicles and the drivers. It will depend on how many vehicles are in your fleet, what types of vehicle they are, how old the vehicles are, what condition the vehicles are in, how often they are used, what they are used for and where they are kept when not in use.

          Can I change the vehicles on my policy?

          If you need to add or change vehicles under a pre-existing fleet policy, you can do so by notifying your insurance provider with the updated details to amend the policy. The costs may adjust from any policy amendments, meaning you may need to pay a fee to add them to your current policy.

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