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  • Why should you consider mini fleet insurance?

    Why should you consider mini fleet insurance

    Whether your fleet is large or small, company or privately owned, you are sure to reap the benefits of moving to a motor fleet insurance policy. Many small businesses are starting to realise the financial and managerial benefits of insuring their vehicles under one mini fleet insurance policy.

    Mini fleet insurance policies insure all of your vehicles (from 3 business vehicles upwards) on one policy and can save you unlimited amounts of time – not to mention financial rewards. Whilst larger fleets will benefit further from economies of scale, smaller businesses will also see the rewards due to the lack of available man hours to manage a fleet.

    Use a broker for your mini fleet insurance

    The time taken to investigate the most appropriate policy for your business can also be alleviated by approaching a specialist insurance brokerage, such as Bluedrop, who have expert knowledge and can find the best deal and cover options to suit your circumstances on your behalf.

    Mini fleet insurance is completely flexible to your requirements and can provide mixed cover in terms of policy type and vehicle types, allowing for those whose vehicle schedule is made up of a variety of cars, commercial vehicles and special type vehicles to be covered under one policy.

    Furthermore the combined premium for insuring all your vehicles together should give you greater buying power and your mini fleet insurance policy can be flexible enough to grow as you grow to a larger and more diverse motor fleet. Mini Fleet Insurance is designed to make running your fleet easier, changing drivers, changing cover, changing vehicles – it can be as flexible as you need it to be.

    Whilst on the subject of flexibility, your mini fleet insurance policy can also provide the option of insuring ‘any driver’ on your fleet of vehicles, as well as rating all the vehicles as a single risk spread across the portfolio thus easing the administration of the mini fleet. As there will be only one renewal date to remember, it makes budgeting and keeping your insurance up to date altogether easier.

    Important considerations for your mini fleet insurance

    When looking at your mini fleet insurance it is important to consider your mini fleet’s purpose, storage, any local considerations, mileage, and of course the ages of your drivers. Any interruption to your business through accidents or theft could mean disaster so it is important that all of your company vehicles are insured to provide a replacement vehicle in such circumstances.

    One of the most popular additions to mini fleet insurance policies is legal protection. Many smaller business will not have access to legal expertise and this will provide you with legal help to recover your uninsured losses if you have an accident which is not your fault. With legal protection you will have access to someone with the skills and experience to make sure that the other driver’s insurer reimburses you or provides you with a replacement vehicle paid for by the at fault driver.

    As a specialist insurance broker, we have access to exclusive schemes for mini fleet insurance policies and can source a variety of quotes for you from a leading panel of insurers.

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