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  • Professional Indemnity from only £25/month

    It takes one act of negligence to destroy a business. Professional Indemnity removes that risk.

    If your business is threatened by a customer or supplier with a complaint, it could lead to disastrous consequences. When you provide advice or professional services to other businesses you should seriously consider taking out professional indemnity for this reason.

    Providing bad advice can lead to your business being sued. Professional Indemnity protects you from a wide range of situations, including libel and slander.

    Even if your business is not in the wrong, the costs of legal cover can be high and professional indemnity will protect you against these costs.

    Often your customers will specify the level of cover that you need with professional indemnity. For further details of cover provided, or for any questions about our professional indemnity service, call one of our friendly team or answer a few short questions and we'll call you back to provide a quotation.

    • Our Professional Indemnity Insurance includes...

    • Professional Indemnity for:

      • Protection against Libel or Slander
      • Cover against loss or damage of documentation
      • Negligence in service protection
      • Cover for infringement of intellectual property rights

      Professional Indemnity insurance features and options

      • Cover up to £10million
      • Instant quotes
      • Low excess
      • Great rates for small businesses
      • Flexible payment terms
      • Dedicated UK based Sales Team
      • Discounts for multiple policies
    • Additional services and products:

      • Personal Accident
      • Employer's Liability
      • Public and Products Liability
      • Directors and Officers Liability
      • Property Damage and Business Interruption
      • Contents and stock insurance
          • What is professional indemnity insurance?

            Professional indemnity insurance offers you protection if a mistake you make at work or advice you give to a client results in financial loss, reputational damage, or legal action against you.

            In instances such as these, a PI policy can step in to cover any expenses you might incur if the dispute ends up in Court, and pay out any damages if the client’s claim is successful.

            Who needs professional indemnity insurance?

            Anyone offering their skills, advice, or services, whether for free or for financial reimbursement, should have professional indemnity insurance in place. 

            This applies to a vast scope of industries, from specialist trades such as plumbers, carpenters and builders, to graphic designers, copywriters, and website developers. Even accountants, architects, and solicitors can benefit from professional indemnity protection.

            What if I’m self-employed or work for free?

            As well as being highly recommended for businesses, professional indemnity cover is also one of the most important insurances to take out if you’re self-employed. That’s because your personal and business assets are considered mutual entities when you’re self-employed, meaning items such as your home and car could be at risk if a claim gets brought against you.

            Even if you offer your services for free a client could still sue you or seek compensation from you if you’ve given bad advice or made a mistake, so even those working pro bono are advised to protect their interests with professional indemnity insurance.

            What is covered under a professional indemnity policy?

            A PI policy covers you in instances when you’ve made a professional mistake or provided advice, which has resulted in reputational or financial damage to the client. It can also cover you if you make libelous statements about your client or accidentally breach a copyright agreement. 

            Some examples covered by professional indemnity protection include:


            If you make a mistake or give bad advice, for example if you’ve failed to spot a typo before sending a client brochure to print or you write a social post that receives negative backlash.


            If you make or share malicious or negative comments about your client which could be considered libelous and result in damage to their reputation.

            Breach of confidence

            If you reveal or share sensitive commercial information about your client that isn’t in the public domain, which a client has shared with you for the express purposes of providing your services. 

            Copyright infringement

            If you unintentionally produce work that infringes on another person’s intellectual property or a protected trademark.

            Loss or damage to documents

            If you misplace or damage client documents whilst entrusted to your care.

            Employee negligence

            If the actions of your employee causes reputational or financial damage to your client.

            How much is professional indemnity cover?

            Professional indemnity insurance with Bluedrop Services starts from as little as £25 per month with flexible payment terms, discounts for multiple policies, and competitive premiums for small businesses.

            We offer protection for up to £10 million, with low levels of excess that can provide a lifeline if you find yourself on the end of a claim for professional negligence, slander, or libel.

            Don't suffer another sleepless night worrying about whether a claim will be bought against your business. Call our professional insurance specialists today on +441489780491 or leave your details on our online form to receive a personalised quote for professional indemnity cover.  

            Professional indemnity FAQs

            Is professional indemnity insurance a legal requirement?

            No, professional indemnity isn’t legally required to operate a business but it’s highly recommended if you offer services to a client directly or via an employee. Some companies may refuse to work with you if you don’t have PI cover, while self-employed individuals risk losing their home and other personal assets by operating without professional indemnity protection. 

            Is professional indemnity insurance tax deductible?

            Yes. Professional indemnity is classed as a deductible expense for tax purposes.

            Do you need professional indemnity cover if you work from home?

            Yes. Professional indemnity covers the work you do, advice you give, and the services you provide to a client, whether you work from home or at another location.

            Does professional indemnity insurance cover me if I accidentally injure a client?

            No. Professional indemnity does not offer this type of protection. If you’re concerned about causing injury or physical harm to a client or member of the public whilst working then you should also take out public liability insurance in addition to professional indemnity insurance. 

            Does professional indemnity insurance cover legal expenses?

            Yes. Providing the claim against you is covered under the terms of your professional indemnity policy your legal fees will be covered. 

            Can I claim for a mistake made before my policy began?

            No. You’ll only be covered for the duration of your policy and whilst your policy is active. That also means that you won’t be able to make a claim for any incident after your policy has lapsed.

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