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    By choosing comprehensive Self Drive Hire Insurance from Bluedrop Services we can help to limit your risk by covering your hired vehicles both when they are out on hire and when they are not in use.

    Operating a Self Drive Hire business

    Operating a self drive hire or vehicle rental company inherently comes with a great deal of risk, over and above that of standard fleet insurance, and it’s important to manage that risk appropriately.

    Self drive hire vehicles are commonly ‘hired’ by the general public for a specified period for which they pay a deposit (often used as security) and an appropriate charge for the duration of the hire.

    We can help find self drive hire insurance that covers all sorts of hirer vehicles, from vans to cars and light haulage.  

    Your insurance costs for each of these will depend on the driving experience of those you hire the vehicles to and the level or checks you undertake before and after hiring out the vehicle.

    Self drive Hire insurance that addresses risk management

    If you don’t have the correct cover in place, you risk your vehicles being under insured. If your insurance cover isn’t adequate you may be liable for any damages. 

    In the past, heavy underwriting losses resulted in few insurers being willing to take on self drive hire insurance. Here at Bluedrop we take a different approach; helping to address your risk management and exposure to liability proactively.

    As an experienced fleet insurance broker, we are able to advise you what cover you need in order to protect your business in the best way and at the best price possible.

    • Our self drive hire insurance includes...

    • Features and benefits:

      • Off hire cover included
      • Contingency cover for those customers who insure your vehicle themselves
      • UK and European coverage
    • As insurance specialists we offer:

      • Fast & efficient documentation issuing
      • Fast turnaround quotation process
      • Flexible payment terms
      • Fleet management advice
      • 24hr claims service

      Additional cover options are available on request.

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