• Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Haulage Insurance

  • Our Haulage Insurance for fleets covers any size haulage vehicle from trucks to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV). The level of cover that you require for your haulage fleet will depend on the nature of your business and Bluedrop can accommodate additional haulage insurance options on request.

  • Within our policies we can also insure for the haulage of hazardous goods and locations which you will need to specify upon quotation. Haulage insurance is available from Bluedrop on fleets of 3+ vehicles.

    • Our haulage insurance includes...

    • Features and benefits:

      • UK & European use
      • We can offer a true any driver policy, including young drivers
      • Ability to convert from bonus rated to fleet rated
      • Mix of vehicles i.e. vans , cars & trucks on the same policy
      • Own goods or general haulage (incl. hazchem)
      • Goods in transit & liability covers can be quoted
      • Cover for attached or detached trailers
      • Replacement vehicle cover following a non-fault accident
    • As insurance specialists we offer:

      • Fast & efficient documentation issuing
      • Fast turnaround quotation process
      • Flexible payment terms
      • Fleet management advice
      • 24hr claims service

      Additional cover options are available on request.

          • When do you need Haulage insurance?

            If your business owns or operates large vans, lorries, LGV’s, HGVs, or trucks with trailers and are transporting customer’s goods ‘for hire and reward’ then you will need haulage insurance. As expert brokers in haulage insurance we will help to ensure you have no gaps in your cover to ensure your vehicles are always on the road.

            The difference between haulage insurance and courier insurance

            There is often a great deal of confusion on the difference between haulage and courier insurance. Haulage insurance typically involves carrying goods from one location or depot to another (sometimes overseas), whereas courier involves multiple drop offs of smaller deliveries to multiple locations. Having the right classification of insurance in place can mean the difference between being insured or not, so it’s important to get this right in the first instance.

            We’re here to help with expert experience

            We offer flexible HGV insurance for small or large hauliers, and tailor our policies to meet your individual business requirements. By taking time to understand the intricacies of your business, such as vehicle sizes, specifications, customer contracts and goods carried, we can find you the best cover at the best price.

            Being risk averse and your company’s attitude to risk is also important when trying to make savings on your premiums. Many insurance providers will seek demonstration of risk management, including initiatives such as driver training, use of cameras and telematics, and proof of licence checks.

            Optional extras you may need to include:

            Goods in transit

            Profits can be quickly wiped out in the event of having to replace damaged or lost cargo. Without goods in transit insurance you can be responsible for this replacement and a huge cost to your business. Ensure that you have the correct goods in transit cover. You may be paying for hazardous goods when you need it or not paying for refrigerated vehicles when you do need it. If refrigeration breaks down, goods can be quickly spoiled so it would be reassuring to know that you are covered for this scenario.

            Goods in storage or warehousing

            If you are contracted to arrange the storage of other people’s goods then it is essential that you are correctly covered for this, should any loss or damage occur. Your customer’s requirements may vary and so restrictions and limitations within your policy should be considered in detail to ensure you aren’t caught short.

            Haulier’s liability

            However safely your drivers operate your haulage vehicles, there will always be the risk to property damage or to injuring an employee, visitor or member of public. For that reason, it is important that your logistics business seriously considers public liability insurance. Employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement which you hopefully already have in place, but we can of course seek to incorporate this for you.

            Overseas cover

            Your deliveries may well regularly take you on long-haul trips overseas, which will not always be included within a standard haulage insurance policy. However, if you are seldom likely to travel overseas then you can make greater savings by excluding this option and adding on an ad-hoc basis.

            Optional UK & European Breakdown

            At the end of the day, your business cannot make money if your vehicles are not in operation so it’s best to have plans in place to keep your vehicles in motion. Breakdown assistance is therefore often seen as an essential optional extra.