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  • The vast majority of standard vehicle insurance will not insure the contents of your vehicle if you are delivering this for ‘hire or reward’, which is why courier insurance is a specialist product and important to have in place.

    There are unique risks that courier businesses take on board every day, so it is important that you have the right level of insurance in place to suit your needs. Read our guide to getting the right courier van insurance in place. Our courier insurance can help you protect both your packages and your customers from loss, damage or theft.

  • Courier insurance with Bluedrop includes fleets of any size from 3 or more courier vehicles, offering coverage options for small to large scale courier businesses. Our courier insurance packages can be tailored to your needs, and additional cover options such as goods in transit and liability are available on request.

    Bluedrop’s courier insurance will cover a mix of vehicle types and sizes under one policy, so if your fleet includes a combination of motorbikes, cars, vans and trucks, one policy will cover all.

    • Our courier insurance includes...

    • Features and benefits:

      • Any geographical area
      • Any occupation
      • Any use
      • We can offer a true any driver policy incl. young drivers
      • Convert from bonus rated to fleet rated
      • Mix of any vehicles i.e. vans , cars & trucks on the same policy
      • Goods in transit & liability can be quoted
    • As insurance specialists we offer:

      • Fast & efficient documentation issuing
      • Fast turnaround quotation process
      • Flexible payment terms
      • Fleet management advice
      • 24hr claims service

      Additional cover options are available on request.

          • With so many time-critical deliveries to contend with as a courier business you need to be able to rely on your vehicles and have measures in place should you experience an accident, breakdown, theft or spoiling of goods.

            As a specialist courier insurance broker, we have access to the best insurance deals and providers on the market, having already built strong relationships with them and therefore being able to offer you the most comprehensive cover. In addition to this we have an effective account handling team in place to deal with any policy claims efficiently, ultimately reducing any costs to your courier business as well as downtime of vehicles and drivers.

            Tips to save on your courier insurance

            Cheap courier insurance is something that everyone seeks, however, it shouldn’t be about finding cheap insurance but more about getting the right insurance for the right price. Many insurance providers offering cheap insurance may not check you have the right cover in place. When it comes to carrying goods it is important that you select the correct usage for your vehicles, which we cover in this article.

            Bluedrop will take the time to understand your individual usage and requirements, and then seek to get you the best price.

            Here are some things to consider when you need to keep the costs down.

            Consider raising your voluntary excess

            If your business has a good claims record, then increasing your excess can be a good option to save money on your premiums. However, be careful to ensure that the excess is still a realistic amount that you can afford to pay should you experience an unwanted accident. Afterall we can’t predict when something may happen.

            Right-size your vehicles

            The bigger the van the more expensive it is to insure, repair and more damage it can cause in an accident. Be sure to choose the right business van for your courier fleet. Biggest isn’t always best. Consider your needs and the space you require for daily deliveries.

            Invest in security

            The Ford transit van is the most frequently stolen vehicle in the UK. Invest in commercial van security and you can deter thieves as well as benefit from reduced premiums.

            Consider telematics

            In-vehicle telematics devices will track your vehicles and your courier driver’s performance. With sufficient prompts on driver behaviour performance is regularly improved and accidents reduced. You can benefit from analysis of the data to make improvements within your business as well as reducing your courier insurance costs.

            Adopt frequent driver training

            Investing in regular driver training has been proven by reputable training providers to reduce insurance premiums from between 5-15%. With couriers spending a large proportion of their day on the road, keeping on top of their driving skills will help to keep hazard perception in front of mind and reduce the chance of lazy driving coming into play.