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    Bluedrop Services Motor Fleet Insurance provides your business with unrivalled protection and control. We cover your whole fleet operation in one, easy-to-manage single policy.

    Get a quote from us today. Find out your fleet insurance cost and discover how much time and money we can save your business.

    Our insurance is tailored to meet the needs of any profession. Whether you are in the building, plumbing, taxi, courier or rental business we've got your motor fleet covered.

    • Our fleet insurance includes...

    • Features and benefits:

      • Fast & efficient policy issuing
      • Finance available subject to status
      • Highly Competitive service
      • Fast turnaround quotation process
      • Flexible payment terms
      • Fleet management advice
      • Legal expenses
      • Low excess
      • 24hr claims service

    • Additional cover options are available by request.

          • What is motor fleet insurance?

            Our bespoke fleet cover is designed to make life easy for you.

            Having one single fleet policy with one renewal date is easier to administer.

            If you operate three or more vehicles within your business. Or even as many as 500+ cars, vans, LGVs, HGVs, or minibuses then our fleet insurance is for you.

            Lower Fleet costs and reduced admin

            We can help your business reduce fleet costs and save valuable fleet management time. Our team ensures you have the correct flexible cover in place for all your motor vehicles and drivers when you need it.

            Quick claims procedure

            Bluedrop Services are a specialist fleet insurance brokers with an effective account handling team in place to deal with any policy claims efficiently. A quick claims procedure will reduce any costs to your business as well as downtime of vehicles and drivers.

            Extensions and additional cover

            We can offer a variety of fleet insurance extensions including, but not limited to:

            • public liability
            • employer's liability
            • breakdown assistance
            • goods in transit
            • tools cover

            Public Liability and breakdown cover are often critical elements to add to your fleet insurance policy. Ensuring your business stays on the road even when accidents do occur. As well as protecting against any claims for injury or accidental damage.

            Fleet Insurance Any Driver flexibility

            In addition to extensions we can discuss any additional requirements. Those such as trailer cover, tools insurance, European cover, 'Any driver' or 'Any vehicle' cover can be included.

            This provides larger fleets the flexibility for employees to drive multiple vehicles without invalidating their insurance. Allowing any driver to operate any vehicle at any time.

            Our fleet cover will help you meet your legal obligations as well as benefit from time efficiencies, reduced costs and risk.

            Our fleet specialists are on hand to help

            Fleet Insurance

            A fleet insurance policy can be a complicated. Without specialist knowledge you may not be fully covered for your needs.

            Our expert motor fleet specialists will help guide you through what you need to know about fleet insurance. We will advise on what levels and types of insurance will be best suited to your individual business requirements.

            We can also help to advise on how to keep your fleet car insurance premiums down. All whilst ensuring you comply with increasingly complex legislation and European directives.

            Access to the best motor fleet insurance deals

            As a specialist fleet insurance broker in the UK, we have access to the best deals on the market. We have already built strong relationships with high-profile fleet insurers to ensure you have the most comprehensive cover at the best price.

            We conduct insurance comparisons on your behalf, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal.

            No mid-term adjustment fees

            Bluedrop Services waiver any mid-term adjustment fees on your motor fleet insurance policy.

            Meaning administrative changes, such as adding or removing drivers and vehicles, are all covered in the one fee.

            Level of fleet cover

            Every business or operator needs to assess the appropriate level of insurance cover for their vehicles and the loads they carry. Driving down risk and the cost of premiums will be of key influence in choosing how much insurance is needed.

            Taking out anything less than comprehensive cover will leave you facing liability for your own vehicles, which is an important consideration when costs in the face of an accident can accumulate to extremely high levels.

            It is advisable to speak to a specialist fleet or haulage broker who understands commercial vehicles and ensuring the appropriate cover for your business requirements. Often online comparison engines or quote tools are not sophisticated enough to consider all of the variables that may be required, which is why we will call you back to discuss your motor fleet insurace needs in detail.

            How insurers assess your risk

            There are some key things your insurer will look at when assessing your risk and they include:

            • The number and weight of your vehicles
            • The vehicle age, value and condition
            • Any goods that you carry
            • The experience, age and number of drivers insured
            • Geographical locations covered
            • Level of cover and excess
            • Claims history
            • How you manage risk

            Lighter trucks or vans will attract lower premiums as will newer and more sophisticated vehicles with the latest safety specifications. However, it depends on the needs of your business in terms of your requirements and weighing up the total lifetime cost of the vehicles. Whilst you may wish to save by limiting the drivers of each vehicle, you may also need to work with more flexibility.

            Tips on reducing your risk

            Our experts are committed to providing a superior service. With this in mind we offer advice on best practice and implementing a risk management strategy for your business' fleet.

            Looking more closely at how you manage your risk there are a few measures that you can take to reduce risk and therefore the cost of motor fleet insurance  claims to your business. More commonly insurers will be keen on solutions such as:

            • Onboard cameras
            • Proximity sensors
            • Telematics
            • Defensive driver training
            • Speed limiting devices and vehicles
            • Restricting vehicles to one or two drivers
            • Driver background checks

            A company’s recruitment process and driver turnover can be just as important to your insurance provider as implementing technology to measure performance. Employers need to think long and hard about the type of driver that they want to attract and how they are going to attract them to their business.

            Good hiring decisions will mean that you are more likely to have the best drivers operating your vehicles and representing your business. Choosing your drivers should be undertaken with as much care as recruiting your top-level executives, these individuals will be representing your business and should have the required skills to carry out their duties.

            Goods in transit cover

            Goods in transit cover whilst not a legal requirement is recommended to anyone carrying goods on the behalf of someone else and will insure against loss or damage of those goods. It isn’t included on a standard motor fleet insurance policy.

            Your insurer may also look at additional considerations with goods in transit cover, such as overnight parking locations. They may stipulate not leaving the vehicle un-attended or using safe parking bays. Loading and unloading of goods are likely to be included in the policy, although you should check for this, whereas driver’s personal effects may need to be added on if required.

            Our biggest tip on goods in transit insurance is to be fully aware of where your liability ends, and the customers liability begins. Otherwise in many cases you can find yourself uninsured should you promise more to the customer than is recorded in your insurance documents.

            Fleet Insurance FAQs

            What is fleet insurance?

            Fleet insurance allows a business to insure multiple and mixed types of vehicles on one easy to administer policy.

            How many vehicles do I need for fleet insurance?

            In most cases you will only need as few as three or more vehicles to be able to benefit from a fleet insurance policy.

            Does fleet insurance cover specialist vehicles?

            If your fleet includes non-standard vehicles such as taxis, minibuses, vans carrying tools or delivery goods, coaches, trailers, HGVs carrying freezers or hazardous goods, etc then there may be a specialist policy type which will cover any additional risk involved. It is important to provide your insurance broker with all information on your vehicle schedule so they can ensue the correct cover is in place.

            How much is fleet insurance?

            The cost of your fleet insurance will depend on a number of factors including the number and weight of your vehicles, the vehicle age, value and condition, any goods that you carry, the experience, age and number of drivers insured, geographical locations covered, level of cover and excess, claims history and how you manage risk.

            What does fleet insurance cover?

            As with a standard car insurance policy you can cover your fleet for either third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensive cover options. You can also either use your vehicle for haulage and courier, hire and reward or carriage of goods.

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