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  • Public liability insurance is vital if your work brings you into contact with members of the public. Protect your business with a public liability insurance quote from Bluedrop.  

    What is public liability insurance?

    Public liability insurance is a business insurance for companies, contractors, and freelancers who come into contact with, or have dealings with, the general public in a professional capacity. It offers you financial protection against claims for compensation and legal fees if you accidentally injure a member of the public or unintentionally do damage to their property while performing your job.

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          • Do I need public liability insurance?

            Unlike employer’s liability insurance, public liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement to operate a business in Britain. However, it’s a highly recommended insurance to take out if you work with or around members of the public as part of your job. 

            Some professional trade organisations will insist on public liability cover from their members, while contractors will often be asked to supply proof of public liability insurance when applying for third party jobs. Failing to take out public liability insurance, therefore, can make it difficult to gain industry accreditations and hinder your ability to secure work.

            But the biggest risk of working without public liability cover comes if a member of the public is injured or has their property damaged by you or an employee of your business. Should they sue for compensation and win, you’ll be liable for the costs, including legal fees, which may decimate your profits, push you into liquidation, and force you to sell personal assets such as your home.

            Who needs public liability insurance? 

            If your work brings you into contact with the public in any capacity, for example, if you perform your services in a public place, welcome clients to your office, or work within your customers’ home, it pays to have public liability insurance. 

            For this reason we offer public liability insurance for a variety of industries, in addition to providing self-employed public liability insurance for independent contractors and sole traders.

            Some of the professions and businesses we insure at Bluedrop include:

            • Construction companies and contractors
            • Sole traders and freelancers 
            • Trades such as builders, electricians, gardeners, plumbers, and window cleaners
            • Event organisers, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, and wedding planners
            • Charities 
            • Supermarkets
            • Fleet businesses such as taxis and delivery drivers
            • Hospitality venues such as restaurants and bars
            • Take-aways, pop-up food trucks, and caterers 
            • Creatives such as graphic designers and copywriters

            What does public liability insurance cover? 

            Public liability covers any claims for compensation, loss of earnings, or damage brought against you, should you - or someone working for you - accidentally injure a member of the public or their property whilst doing your job. 

            A public liability policy will also cover any legal fees you incur as a result of having to go to court to defend the claim. 

            Is public liability insurance worth the expense?

            In our experience public liability insurance is always worth it. You can protect yourself against the cost of legal fees and compensation claims, making it a smart investment for any business. 

            All it takes is a customer to trip over a stray tool, or a newly fitted bath to flood, for you to find yourself having to defend your actions in court. With public liability insurance you won’t have to worry even if the judge rules against you. Your legal costs and any monetary compensation you’re ordered to pay will all be taken care of by your insurance policy.

            What is the average cost of public liability insurance?

            To see how little public liability insurance could cost you, and how much you could claim, use our instant online quote checker or call our team for a tailored public liability insurance quote. 

            Is public liability insurance compulsory? 

            Public liability insurance isn’t compulsory by law but many professional industry bodies and third party companies will insist on it before granting you membership or hiring your services.   


            Public liability insurance is specifically for claims bought against you by a member of the public. It won’t cover you for:

            • Injuries you or an employee sustain whilst working 
            • Any pre-existing claims, made prior to your policy start date
            • Damage to your own tools or property 
            • Mistakes you make in your work that damage your client’s reputation

            If you need this type of cover you should also ask our Bluedrop insurance specialists about employer’s liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and tools insurance. 

            Why choose Bluedrop Insurance

            As one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers, sourcing your public liability protection through us means you’ll only ever pay for the cover you need at a quote that’s tailored to your business. 

            Our specialist team know all the intricacies of public liability insurance and work with a wide range of industries. We can help you to find the best level of cover to suit your unique needs, and take care of setting up the policy so you can focus on running your business. 

            Get in touch for a free no-obligation public liability insurance quote today or compare policies using our instant online quote checker. 


            Do I need public liability insurance if self-employed?

            If you invite clients into your office, enter your customers’ home, or come into contact with the public in any capacity while performing your services, you should consider protecting yourself with a self-employed public liability policy. 

            What is the difference between public liability and employer’s liability insurance?

            Many people confuse employer and public liability insurance, but they’re actually very different. Whilst public liability covers you for damages or injuries caused to a member of the public or their property, employer’s liability covers you for any injuries or damage to property sustained by your employees whilst performing their duties for your business. Another key distinction is that employer’s liability insurance is mandatory by law, whilst public liability insurance is optional. At Bluedrop we offer both public liability and employer’s liability quotes. 

            How much does public liability insurance cost in the UK?

            You can find cheap public liability insurance from as little as £XX per month in the UK. Speak to one of our Bluedrop insurance specialists who can ensure the cover meets all of your business needs and offers you the necessary level of financial protection. 

            What is the meaning of public liability insurance?

            Public liability insurance meaning can be defined as cover against a member of the public being injured or having their property damaged as a direct result of your negligence.  

            Is professional indemnity insurance the same as public liability?

            No, professional indemnity insurance covers you if the work you produce causes financial loss due to poor/incorrect advice or you make an unintentional error for which the client claims loss or damages. Public liability insurance offers you financial protection if a member of the public sues you as a result of sustaining an injury or incurring damage to their property. 

            Do I need public liability insurance as a sole trader?

            If your work brings you into contact with members of the public self-employed public liability insurance is highly recommended. 

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