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    Fleet solutions

    As a fleet Manager, if you focus on fleet solutions that automate and simplify the management process, you will notice that your ROI will improve.

    Using tools like telematics and fleet management software will help to improve your fleet communication, the maintenance of your fleet and track driver behaviour, all of which can improve the efficiency of your fleet and ROI.

    So, needless to say, investment into fleet solutions will help your business reap the benefits within a relatively short time frame.

    Fleet technology solutions

    One of the many benefits of fleet technology is that you can tailor it to your business to provide the best solution. However, before selecting the best fleet software for your business, you must carefully plan and select which software offers the type of solution you need.

    Start by researching what each technology provider is offering, the costs and the ongoing service you will receive. These are important factors to consider when choosing a fleet system. It should improve the way you work, not limit it.

    Tracking driver behaviour to improve driving habits

    Once you have sourced the relevant and most efficient software for your fleet, you can focus on implementing the software into your day-to-day fleet management. One place to start is tracking driver behaviour.

    Businesses that track driver behaviour can store and review this information to spot any trends in incidents. Frequent driving incidents will indicate that the driver will need additional training to help prevent any accidents from happening in the future. Examples of poor driving behaviour can include harsh acceleration and braking and speed violations.

    Encouraging drivers to improve their driving habits can lead to overall better safety, which leads to fewer accidents, reduced costs, and saves time on vehicle repairs.

    Save fuel and reduce journey time

    Not only do most fleet solutions improve driver behaviour, but it can also help to manage your fleet of vehicles to save on fuel. Most fleet solutions offer real-time traffic information and dynamic routing. Using this information, drivers can avoid congested areas and redirect to the quickest, more efficient route to get them from A to B. Avoiding congested areas can reduce the average journey time by up to 14%.

    With less time spent on the roads, you reduce the amount spent on fuel while increasing productivity and spending less on vehicle wear-and-tear.

    Properly plan for services and maintenance to avoid downtime

    Another way to improve your fleet solutions is using automated fleet technology to improve ROI is using it to track and schedule vehicle maintenance. Modern fleet vehicles can have multiple sensors that stream data for you to analyse. This can help monitor the health of your vehicles and avoid vehicle downtime. The sensors can notify you if a component is likely to fail and should be replaced.

    Planning and scheduling services help to manage resources and avoid paying a premium on parts and repairs. Most fleet solutions look at real-time results on vehicle mileage, oil life and fuel efficiency to help keep track of the conditions of your vehicles.

    Automating this process will help keep further maintenance costs down and as a result, increase ROI.

    Improve the employee and customer experience

    By automating more processes there will be less admin for your drivers to worry about and productivity will improve. Technology helps to connect you with your drivers, customers and clients. Clear communication will keep your drivers motivated and everyone on the same page and helps with expectations.

    The happier your fleet is, the more productive they are, as they have the tools in place to focus on their job properly. It also makes your role as a fleet manager easier as reporting, tracking and scheduling use a simpler process that requires less time and energy.

    Keeping track of deliveries or the location of your vehicles also helps to better manage client expectations and provides transparency on when the driver is likely to arrive. At the end of the day, happy customers will help build on your ROI.

    Driver training and rewards scheme

    Other than technology, investing in driver training and incentivising drivers for good driving habits can also help to improve your ROI as drivers are likely to take more care when driving a works vehicle.

    You can incentivise drivers and encourage better driving by training them on how to reduce fuel consumption and drive more safely and efficiently. Develop a bonus program to reward efficiencies using driving data recorded by your chosen fleet software. Incentives can also help drivers to comply with company policies and processes.

    If your drivers are new to using fleet software, you will need to provide them with proper training. Your drivers need to have a good understanding of the new systems works. Training can include face-to-face training, webinars, online videos and tutorials.

    How these solutions improve ROI

    A combination of safety training, fleet technology and focusing on improving the customer experience will help to improve the overall ROI of your fleet. Better fleet solutions will help you to keep on top of vehicle maintenance, vehicle downtime, fuel costs and driving behaviour. A well-managed fleet with lots of data can reduce your fleet insurance premiums which will help to contribute to a higher ROI.

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