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    High Net Worth Security BS3621

    When you have a home worth more than £750,000, it's more than a house; it's a significant investment filled with cherished belongings. This is why special High Net Worth Insurance exists – to protect homes like yours. But it's not just about having insurance; it's also important to make sure your home is as secure as possible. That's where BS3621 locks can help, ensuring your property is as burglar-proof as it can be.

    What is BS3621?

    BS3621 is a British Standard that covers thief-resistant locks and mortice locks. This standard is widely recognised and respected in the UK, particularly in property security and insurance. BS3621 locks offer a higher level of security against common break-in methods, like drilling, picking and forced entry.

    Key features of BS3621 locks include:

    Five-lever mechanism: These locks typically have a five-lever mechanism, which makes them more difficult to pick or bypass without the correct key.

    Using a key from both sides: The lock can be deadlocked (meaning it cannot be opened) from both inside and outside with a key. This feature prevents burglars from unlocking the door by breaking a nearby window and reaching inside.

    Hardened steel plates: There are often hardened steel plates included in the design of these locks as a preventative measure against drilling attempts.

    Minimum bolt throw: The standard bolt throw must be a minimum of 20mm, making the lock stronger and more reliable when it's activated.

    Properties that have BS3621-compliant locks are often viewed more favourably by insurance companies in the UK, since they're significantly more secure and offer higher protection for your home. For high net worth properties, where the risk and potential impact of burglary are higher, having BS3621 locks can be a requirement for insurance coverage.

    The British Standard versions of BS3621

    Over the years, BS3621 has had several updates, which have led to different versions. These versions are distinguished by the year they were certified, reflecting the standards and requirements at that time. Here's a breakdown of the different versions:

    • BS 3621:1963 – The original and oldest version of the standard.
    • BS 3621:1980
    • BS 3621:1998
    • BS 3621:2007+A2:2012
    • BS 3621:2017 – This is the most recent version.

    While having any version of a BS3621 lock is beneficial, upgrading to the latest version, BS 3621:2017, is recommended to ensure the highest level of security for your high-value property.

    How do I check for BS3621 locks at my home?

    To check if your home has BS3621 standard locks, look for the British Standards Kitemark, typically engraved on the lock's faceplate or keyhole cover. This mark indicates compliance. Also, most BS3621 locks are five-lever mortice locks, requiring a key to open from both sides and featuring anti-drill protection. If you're unsure, a professional locksmith can easily identify whether your locks meet this standard.

    Will a BS3621 lock reduce my insurance?

    BS3621-compliant locks are often viewed positively by insurance companies because they meet high security standards and reduce the risk of theft and burglary. Even so, installing a BS3621-certified lock on your property does not guarantee lower premiums.

    Insurance providers generally assess the overall security of a property when determining premium costs. Enhanced security measures, like installing BS3621 locks, are considered beneficial in reducing the risk profile of a property. However, the impact on insurance costs can vary between insurers and individual policies.

    High net worth property owners should directly consult their insurance providers to understand how installing BS3621 locks could affect their insurance premiums. Each insurance company has its own criteria when determining premiums, so it's best to check with your specific provider to determine the exact impact.

    Taking the right steps

    If all this talk about locks and standards is overwhelming, don’t worry. You can always chat with an expert at Bluedrop who understands high-value home insurance. We can help you figure out what locks you have and what you might need. It's all about making sure your home is as safe as it can be.

    In a nutshell, if you’ve got a high-value home, making sure you have the right locks is super important. It's not just about following the rules for insurance – it's about protecting your home, securing your valuables and giving you peace of mind. So, take a moment to check your locks, and remember, a small change like upgrading to BS3621 locks can make a big difference in how secure your home is.

    If you are still unsure of anything regarding your insurance policy requirements you can discuss a high value home insurance policy with any of our experienced team members who will be able to advise on security requirements and discuss what systems, you currently have in place.

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