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    Advisory Fuel Rates from HMRC

    The new Advisory Fuel Rates for reimbursing company car drivers (or for them repaying their private travel fuel costs) need to be adhered to by 1st October. The revised rates were introduced at the beginning of September and allowed old rates to be accepted for the first month of introduction.

    The changes introduced increases in some engine categories to account for rises in fuel costs. Up to 1600cc capacity diesels remain unchanged, with 1ppm increase for both bands above 1601 cc.

    There was only one change to petrol rates which was engine capacities of up to 1400cc vehicles having a 1ppm increase also.

    Make sure you are using the new advised rates from the beginning of next month and adhere to HRMC recommendations. Over 50% of company car drivers are unaware of the rules for reclaiming business mileage, yet the penalties enforced by HMRC for non-compliance can be significant.

    Engine Size Petrol - amount per mile LPG - amount per mile
    1400cc or less 11 pence 7 pence
    1401cc - 2000cc 13 pence 9 pence
    Over 2000cc 20 pence 13 pence
    Engine size Diesel - amount per mile
    1600cc or less 9 pence
    1601cc to 2000cc 11 pence
    Over 2000cc 13 pence
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