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  • Why we believe a dash cam is a good investment for your fleet

    Dash cam in fleet vehicle

    Installation of a dash cam helps to provide video evidence of a vehicle accident, including the details on the speed the vehicle was travelling at the time. By installing dash cams for your fleet you are proving to take a proactive step in risk management, and many insurers will take this into consideration and reduce your fleet insurance for business in return.

    In the light of continued increases of fraudulent claims our fleet insurance expert, Paul Fincham, helps to explain why we believe dash cams are a good investment for your fleet.

    A dash cam provides a reliable independent witness

    This is one of the most positive attributes that this type of technology provides. Insurers will often settle a claim on a 50/50 basis as liability simply cannot be proven. This is frustrating for clients as it does not enable them to minimise their claims costs and all because the other party is not honest in admitting liability. It is therefore better to be able to prove liability without any doubts. In fact some of our clients who have been able to prove liability with an independent witness have still gone on to purchase dash cams, knowing that in most cases witnesses do not wish to involve themselves in incidents from a hassle factor point of view.

    A dash cam avoids crash for cash scams

    The use of a dash cam can help to avoid fraudulent and crash for cash incidents. Not only do crash for cash claims increase insurance premiums, but they impact vehicle downtime, repair costs, driver safety and business reputation.

    We have experienced several cases in the last couple of years where fraudsters have tried to claim for more personal injury claims than the number of people in a vehicle. These claims have successfully been declined when supporting footage is provided by our client’s dash cam systems.

    We have also had cases whereby the telemetry information that sits within certain dash cams have confirmed a vehicle hired from one of our clients was used in a scam whereby they purposely drove into their friend’s vehicle. The incident looked like your average hit in rear claim, but it was only upon reviewing the telemetry data that we could prove the movements of the vehicle leading up to and after the incident. The evidence proved that they had colluded in creating the damage to the vehicles purposefully.

    A dash cam promotes safer driving

    Much like telemetry systems, a dash cam will help to promote safer driving within your fleet and in turn reduce the number of accidents experienced as well as improving your fuel efficiency. By being constantly monitored your drivers will be more conscious of their driving behaviour.

    With a dash cam you can expect faster claims processing

    With video evidence present there is rarely any questioning and no need to spend further time proving one party’s liability in an accident. Less time will be taken gathering evidence and questioning those involved. Once the question of liability is removed a claims procedure speeds up significantly. You can get on with managing the more important aspects of fleet management and downtime will be reduced to a minimum. We have seen evidence that claim times are reducing where this data is available.

    Bluedrop’s approach to dash cams

    We have recently partnered with a dash cam provider and Insurers look at this in different ways. Some will offer a discount for risks fitted with these systems helping your to reduce your fleet car insurance premiums, others will insist upon them being fitted in particular trades like private and public hire risks where there is an increased chance of passenger liability claims, or the haulage industry whereby the potential costs are increased due to the size of the vehicles involved in accidents. Also Insurers may take on clients who have a less than clean record if the client fits dash cams as not only do they assist in proving liability but they act as a strong deterrent for drivers who may have been involved in accidents previously, which in turn assists in decreasing accident frequency.

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