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    Many businesses will have a number of employees each driving thousands of miles a year for business purposes. In fact, as an employee who is travelling over 25,000 miles a year, you are actually undertaking one of the most life-threatening work activities possible. For this reason employers need to consider their fleet management safety and do all they can to protect their employees from road incidents.

    We have put together a number of shocking statistics taken from a recent study at the Institute of Advances Motorists’ (IAM) Drive & Survive Division which highlight some of the reasons fleet management safety should be a priority. Hopefully these statistics, along with facts on distracted driving, will help to bring more attention to the importance of fleet management safety and keeping it at the forefront of minds.

    Why you need to address fleet management safety

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    Make fleet management safety your priority

    The following statistics will help you to realise why fleet management safety is important and to understand the importance of implementing a fleet policy and committing to a culture.

    • 86% of fleets have experienced an accident in the past 12 months
    • 100% of fleets have had an accident where one of their drivers was ‘at fault’.
    • 45% said incidents were caused by repeat offenders
    • Over 20% of fleets said the average cost of repair per vehicle was over £1,000
    • Only 33% of fleets said at-fault drivers faced some sort of punitive measure (i.e. fine)
    • 30% said incidents occurred most whilst parking
    • 80% had post-incident policies
    • 51% didn’t offer any post-incident driver training to reduce the risk of repeat incidents
    • a driver can impact fuel efficiency as much as 33%
    • defensive trained drivers are 20% less likely to be involved in a collision

    Why you need to guard against distracted driving

    As part of your fleet management safety distracted driving is a very serious issue that needs addressing. There are a number of hard-hitting statistics that cannot be ignored and help to show how a great deal of thought needs to be given on how you communicate with your drivers on the road.

    • Driver cell phone use is four time as likely to be associated with crash risk as other causes
    • Whilst listening to language your brain’s visual processing decreases 37%
    • Inattention blindness - fail to see up to 50% of the information in their driving environment whilst using mobile phone
    • Anything taking your eyes off the road for more than 2 seconds doubles your chance of an accident
    • At 55mph you can travel 10-15 car lengths in 2 seconds
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