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  • Are you aware of your 'Duty of Care' to employees utilising vehicles for business use?

    Out of a number of companies surveyed it is unfortunately clear that many are failing to meet their duty of care responsibilities for business fleet outlined under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

    Find out what your duty of care covers in these circumstances. Learn the checks and communications you should be implementing where others are failing with astonishing statistics on current Duty of Care compliance. 

    Employer's Duty of Care on business vehicles infographic

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    Employer’s Duty of Care for business vehicles

    Statistics taken from Fleet World’s Barometer roundup outline how many businesses across the UK are currently failing to meet their Duty of Care responsibilities when it comes to managing their business fleet vehicles.

    Duty of care awareness

    Of those employers surveyed:

    • 82% were aware of their obligation to check employee’s driver licences
    • 74% were aware ensuring adequate eyesight if drivers is their responsibility
    • 79% were aware of their responsibility to ensure vehicles are taxed, insured and maintained

    Private vehicles for business use (Grey Fleet)

    Worryingly up to 20% of grey fleet drivers across the UK are not correctly insured. Ultimately this is the Employer’s Duty of Care responsibility so it is of concern to hear that out of those surveyed:

    • 20% of employers fail to carry out adequate insurance checks
    • 12% of employers carry out sporadic checks on grey fleet drivers
    • 8% of employers admit to failing to carry out any insurance checks

    Communications are key

    As a company using vehicles for business use your fleet management policy and safety rules need to be well communicated amongst your staff to ensure safety as part of your Duty of Care.

    Of those employers surveyed:

    • 54% do not provide driver education on protecting pedestrians and cyclists
    • 61% do not instruct drivers to look twice and check mirrors at junctions
    • 70% utilising large commercial vehicles, and 80% utilising car fleets do not fit blind spot mirrors
    • 68% do not instruct drivers to adhere to 20mph limits around schools, homes and shops

    There are a number of ways to ensure you are practicing your Duty of Care towards those employees that are utilising vehicles for business use. One of these is ensuring that the correct Fleet Insurance is in place so don’t get caught out and find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

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