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    As April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we put together some sound advice on how to prevent distracted driving within your fleet for Business Car Manager. Whilst distracted driving can come in many forms, the one major distraction that both businesses and individuals need to tackle head on is the use of a mobile device whilst driving, which can alarmingly cause as much of a problem as drink driving.

    Distracted DrivingWhilst many may think that providing hands-free solutions to communications within the vehicle is the answer it has been proven that even hands free is too much of a distraction.

    Distracted driving from in-car conversations

    Processing language and conversation in any form (whether with a passenger in the car or on the phone) can decrease your brain’s visual processing by up to 37%, meaning that you can actually unintentionally fail to see potential hazards ahead. Not to mention the fact that someone on the other end of the phone is not likely to help draw your attention to an oncoming vehicle or threat ahead.

    How to prevent distracted driving

    So how can you combat distracted driving as part of your overall fleet management and reduce the possibility of unwanted accidents as well as keeping maintenance and fleet insurance costs down?

    Read the full article on Business Car Manager’s website for more information and our top ten tips on reducing distracted driving within your fleet.

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